Lost Discovered

Jay has been gone this week, traveling for Lost Discovered. He along with three other amazing photographers (Mike, Jay & Andrew) have been wandering Death Valley, Sierra Mountain and Yosemite and capturing some of the most incredible images.  

Not to mention having the time of their lives. 

While we ARE ready to have him back here in the home front, we have loved watching his journey through social media. What gets me most excited about these trips is the images that follow once they return. All four of these guys create some of the most beautiful imagery, seriously you’ll have to see it for yourself.  

I’ll leave one here, but we would love to share more as they are edited.  



Mike & Kristen | Married

We were beyond honored to be asked to travel to Malibu, CA to photograph Mike & Kristen's wedding. These two couldn't be more genuine if you dreamed it up! Being the ones asked to photograph their day has blessed us more than we have blessed them, I am sure of it.

While our season in photography is changing a bit, weddings like this will always be something that we desire to do. When you can capture incredible people in an amazing setting, it never gets old. But the truth? Is just BEING with these two makes US want to be better people. They make the world better. They reach past themselves, truly SEE others, serve others and just love well.

We will always want to be a part of that.

Here's to new friendships and to this newly married couple! More from their big day is coming so super soon!

Mike and Kristen

Happy Halloween

Spending time as a family together is something we value SO much. It's not something we always achieve perfectly, but we try. There will always be someone fussy, fighting, complaining. I don't always keep my cool and there are times that we try to organize fun memories for the kids and in the middle of it, we look at each other as if to say, 'Why do we do this?'


Life isn't perfect. But we wake up and choose each other every single day. We make the best of what we've been given, and while our family is full of WILDLY different personalities, we embrace each other right where we are.

Every day isn't perfect. But we try to make life fun together! 

Last night, we made Mummy Pizza's to share, and Fanta Floats that looked like pumpkins. We tried to carve pumpkins but I apparently got the wrong kind of pumpkin and they were "un-carvable". So I let the kids color on them with sharpies, which was a dangerous move in and of itself. 

But we laugh in the face of danger.

We promise Dad was there too, he was just behind the iPhone snapping photos of the evening, but we promise he was there!


If you want the links to the recipes I used for dinner, click HERE for the Mummy Pizza's and HERE for the Fanta Floats. We added a Caesar Salad to the mix for a veggie and the kids all got yogurt and apples. 

Happy Halloween! I'm sure a really obnoxious post about our kids Halloween costumes is on it's way! 

Travel Bug

We have spent the summer traveling. All kinds of traveling. Road trips, air trips, day trips, across the country trips, trips to Trader Joe's. Man, you could get lost in a Trader Joe's. But we've spent the summer seeing some pretty amazing parts of the country. And while we both have yet to leave the country (I know, shocking, right??) we DO have a huge desire to see all of the US. This summer we spent time in Utah, California, Seattle, Boston, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and small towns in Northern Arizona. It was an incredible summer.

What an amazing country we have, amiright? It's diverse, beautiful and there is so much to do here.

We spend our days and nights working right now, so hopefully we can travel the country and the globe however we would like. Our itch to take our kids on trips around the country and the world is strong. To take a year off and travel the world, photographing it all and educating our kids during the journey would be the dream.

Where is it that you dream about traveling to?

McNeals Trailer Promo - Dec 2016-1012.jpg

Modern Made with Jay & Jess

You may or may not have noticed a few changes around here. It's been an evolution and a process of self discovery within our business. And while we simply love taking photos for a living, we have also realized that we just truly love business. And for us, that means incorporating many different things into what makes up Jay & Jess. It's caused us to step outside of our comfort zones and to stretch and be willing to try new things. 

So to make a really long story short, we have partnered with an amazing company full of amazing products. Products that have truly changed our lives in many ways, honestly. It's an opportunity that is creating true freedom for us. We never thought we would ever been on this journey together in these ways, incorporating our photography in the ways that we are. But here we are!

Check out Modern Made with Jay & Jess. It's a place that we will be sharing the products we love daily and giving you a chance to snag some of your own! We are having such a blast on this new journey inside of what we have to offer as Jay & Jess. Come by say hi, snag a thing or two and join our group. We are committed to encouraging everyone who comes our way, in body, mind and soul.