Sean + Yeimi | Engaged

We met these two over a year ago while we were shooting another wedding. I (Jess) was nine months pregnant with our baby girl who is now 13 months old and photographed our last wedding before my maternity leave, and it was there that we met Sean + Yeimi! 

These two made such an impact on us. They're adorable, so sweet to each other, and a blast to be with. They love to laugh and have fun together, they look amazing all the time, and they are just always so kind and gracious to others. We were drawn to them immediately. When they got engaged and asked us to photograph their wedding, we were elated! 

We loved spending an afternoon with them for their engagement session. Jason and I both were a little under the weather on this day, but by the end of the shoot it didn't even matter. We had such a great time romping around downtown with them that we sorta forgot for a minute that we weren't feeling so great.

That's what these two do. They make everything just a little bit better, and we are so happy to know them.

Check them out! Sean + Yeimi in Downtown Phoenix for the afternoon. We can't wait to snap their wedding this fall and celebrate with all their friends and family!

We love you guys!