Brad + Kate | Engaged

When these two told us that they wanted to incorporate several spots that were special to them and really embodied their relationship, we were happy to oblige. Brad & Kate were just closing on their new historic home and were eager to make sure that this new spot that they would start their lives together was included. 

We showed up and couldn't resist gasping and ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing. The house is simply incredible. Historic, in a picturesque neighborhood, and decorated exquisitely, it was the perfect backdrop for the beginning of this shoot. We ended up roaming around downtown too, visiting their favorite coffee shop Lola Coffee, capturing the skyline and ended our time in the desert. 

These two have a love that is special. You can tell that their friendship is deep and that they just really are loving life together- even in the simple things.

We're pumped for their wedding this spring! Check out these two and stay tuned for their wedding. It's going to be incredible. 

Brad + Kate in Downtown Phoenix...