Aaron + Megan | Engaged

Theeeese twooooo. 

We're dying over here. When we met Aaron + Meg, they literally said, "We're all yours, trust you completely, and are up for anything!"

Dream clients, folks. DREAM. CLIENTS.

So we took a relaxed approach and and spent the afternoon with them in Downtown Phoenix. The light was incredible, they looked phenomenal, and I can't get over all the color that is in this shoot! They attracted it, I swear.

These two are happy in love. They are a riot together. You can tell how much they love each other and that they can't wait to tie the knot this fall and they just love BEING together. It's refreshing and fun to be around. 

Check them out you guys. Our new found friends, Aaron + Meg. Can't wait for your wedding you two!

PS: Double date again? #forrealstho

After our shoot with these guys, we grabbed dinner at Taco Guild located on Osborn and 7th St. If you've never been there, it's a must try in Phoenix!