Ways To Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding Day

After photographing so many weddings, we've really seen the gamete as far as traditions go. And we always love when we see something new, fresh and uplifting during our weddings. Mostly, we find it very touching when our couples go above and beyond to honor people in their lives. So since Mother's Day is coming up so soon, we thought we'd highlight just a few of the ways we've seen mom's being honored on wedding days, and explain just a little bit of why we love these examples so much.

First up on our list was at Ryan + Valeries's wedding back in April 2013. Valerie presented her mom with this gorgeous bracelet. 

Ways To Honor Your Mom, Mothers Day, Phoenix, AZ-1.jpg

They had such a sweet moment together too. Valerie was very intentional with her mom and all her bridesmaids, stealing a few moments with each to share a special memory or why Valerie was thankful for each one specifically. I know her mom will keep this bracelet forever and will always remember that sweet moment. Taking time to slow your wedding day down a bit and remind people WHY they matter is never a bad thing. 

Second, we've had several brides honor their parents and/or mom's during their ceremonies. A wedding we just did recently, Jason + Heather's wedding, they honored their moms mid-ceremony with a big hug of gratitude. 

At Tyler + Stephanie's wedding, they stopped mid ceremony to give their moms a hug and a sweet word. It's a sweet gesture and way to remind your mom that even on your biggest day, you're grateful for all that she's done for you and the relationship you will have together moving forward.

Ok AND. Can we say a word about this moment? This was Steph's mom as she was having her dress buttoned up. Love it.

At Eamon + Stephanie's wedding in 2013, I was reminded of how important that little sliver of time is when you're getting into your wedding dress. Our bride Stephanie, asked everyone to clear the room except for her mom and sisters. They all shared in such a special time of getting her dressed and ready as she was about to head out for her first look. Her mom quietly looked on, and helped with finishing touches. But they are a close family and I could just tell this was such a sweet and special time for all of them. Honoring someone doesn't always have to be with gifts and public recognition. Sometimes it's the quiet moments where nothing is said that actually mean the most. 

If you are getting married and you ARE a mom, there's ways to bless your children and include them into your ceremony as well. One of our more recent brides, Paige, had her son carry down this adorable sign. Gives me all the feels!

Another bride of ours, Meleyna, spent the entire morning with her daughter. Her family and attendants all came later. She asked us to come a little early to photograph them having breakfast together and a couple special gifts that she wanted to give her little girl. It's a precious time that can't be taken back and so thoughtful to include her daughter in this way. She may or may not remember it, but photos last a lifetime and I'm so thrilled we could be there to capture such an intimate time for her.

Big or small, it doesn't matter. Finding a way to bring any kind of meaning to the one person who has likely been a big influence in your life is special. And truthfully? We've had many more brides than I listed here who've all done something in their own ways for their moms or their kiddos if they have them already. Just remember, it CAN be as simple as a stolen moment and a hug. Will there be tears? Most likely yes! Do you want your makeup to run? Nope, but that's why you give your makeup artist a heads up. HA. 

It's a priceless moment that should look unique for each individual and it's things like this that make each wedding day so different and special.

What have you seen done at weddings that has left a lasting impression for you when it comes to the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom? Or what did YOU do at your own wedding that was unbelieveably special and you're so glad you did?

Happy early Mothers Day to all the moms out there!