Travis + Lauren | Engaged

Everyone has nerves before their photo shoot. It's normal. We hear it all the time and it's become our mission to make sure you have a fun, relaxed, inspiring and comfortable photo shoot with us. We tell everyone-- the first 10 minutes are going to feel super awkward (for YOU), but then it'll be easy! And just about every time, we're right!

Travis + Lauren sank into their shoot with us in no time. Where nerves were at the beginning, they vanished minutes in and we were all able to have a fantastic time exploring Downtown Phoenix. We shoot in Downtown Phoenix probably weekly. And it's always amazing to us that there are STILL new spots to explore even after almost 10 years of photographing around those streets. 

Check out Travis + Lauren's sweet engagement session today. These two are getting married in the Fall and we are pumped to be the ones to share in their day. Check out the sweetest couple of the day, and stay tuned for their wedding photos!