Rider Is Six | Personal Post

We can't believe it. But our Rider turns SIX today.


"They" have told us all along, that the years fly by. And while you're changing diapers and being spit up on, it certainly doesn't feel that way. Sleep deprivation has a way of convincing you that you will be tired FOR.EV.ER. And boy, it sure does feel that way.

But then life sneaks in and does what time does best- it passes you by!

Rider is six today and it happened too quickly. But we've loved every single second of being his parents! He's joy in a bundle. He's the life of the party, always ready to welcome, hug or invite anyone to whatever it is we are doing. He is loud and crazy and ALL BOY. He is smart, loving, caring and ready for anything! We couldn't be more proud of this kid and everything that he means to us. 

Happy Birthday Rider! You are a beacon of light for our family and we couldn't possibly love you more!