Happy Halloween

Spending time as a family together is something we value SO much. It's not something we always achieve perfectly, but we try. There will always be someone fussy, fighting, complaining. I don't always keep my cool and there are times that we try to organize fun memories for the kids and in the middle of it, we look at each other as if to say, 'Why do we do this?'


Life isn't perfect. But we wake up and choose each other every single day. We make the best of what we've been given, and while our family is full of WILDLY different personalities, we embrace each other right where we are.

Every day isn't perfect. But we try to make life fun together! 

Last night, we made Mummy Pizza's to share, and Fanta Floats that looked like pumpkins. We tried to carve pumpkins but I apparently got the wrong kind of pumpkin and they were "un-carvable". So I let the kids color on them with sharpies, which was a dangerous move in and of itself. 

But we laugh in the face of danger.

We promise Dad was there too, he was just behind the iPhone snapping photos of the evening, but we promise he was there!


If you want the links to the recipes I used for dinner, click HERE for the Mummy Pizza's and HERE for the Fanta Floats. We added a Caesar Salad to the mix for a veggie and the kids all got yogurt and apples. 

Happy Halloween! I'm sure a really obnoxious post about our kids Halloween costumes is on it's way!