Travel Bug

We have spent the summer traveling. All kinds of traveling. Road trips, air trips, day trips, across the country trips, trips to Trader Joe's. Man, you could get lost in a Trader Joe's. But we've spent the summer seeing some pretty amazing parts of the country. And while we both have yet to leave the country (I know, shocking, right??) we DO have a huge desire to see all of the US. This summer we spent time in Utah, California, Seattle, Boston, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and small towns in Northern Arizona. It was an incredible summer.

What an amazing country we have, amiright? It's diverse, beautiful and there is so much to do here.

We spend our days and nights working right now, so hopefully we can travel the country and the globe however we would like. Our itch to take our kids on trips around the country and the world is strong. To take a year off and travel the world, photographing it all and educating our kids during the journey would be the dream.

Where is it that you dream about traveling to?

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