New Beginnings

We are building the most amazing team inside a business opportunity that landed in our lap. It was a chance to grab hold of a vision that was placed before us, something we couldn’t refuse. Something that is setting us free AND a lot of people on our team.  

When we started this a year ago, we had no idea what it would begin to turn into. We said yes initially to see how it would go and in the process, God provided us a way to change our business completely and the lives of many, many people. 

Being able to mentor men and women, to encourage them to set big goals and to chase after them has been an opportunity of a lifetime. To take the tools and experiences we’ve learned within photography, to help propel these people forward in their own lives is a gift to us. 

Nothing could have prepared us for the blessing that is this new opportunity, but we continue to move forward and are blessed every single day. If you need a change and want to chat with us about what we are moving into, we would love to share! 

These are a few of the most amazing women ever, and they are in our organization as our business partners. They came over to learn last night, about social media and how to use it more efficiently for their businesses. We are watching every single one of them change their lives before our very eyes and it’s so inspiring. 

If you’re not inspired in your job, you need to contact us. We have an answer, a way, a vehicle and the future is bright!