Big News

Ready for some big news? We have been on a journey of changing everything, and a big part of that has been praying about how we can give in big ways. Especially since we came home from Africa and now, we are doing it!
We are excited to announce that we are now going to be donating 100% of every single Lifestyle & Engagement Session to feeding hungry kids in Malawi and surrounding countries. One photo shoot with us is now going to be able to feed 16 kids for a MONTH! 🤯 We are elated to be in a position to be able to do this, and we hope to feed hundreds of children this way. What’s better? With the meals that will be distributed, the children also have access to a daily education. We are proud to be partnered with #nourishthechildren in this way and are SO excited to be in a position to use this platform as a way to make a huge difference. This is not a temporary change. This is something we believe in, and are committing the rest of our career to. 
Will you join us? Let’s create some photo magic and in turn, feed as many kids as we can! To book, email us at


Who We Are

We are a fun bunch.

A family who loves hard, plays hard and lives loudly. We are adventurous in that we love the open road, traveling to new places and seeing new things. We live in the city but love the mountains. We live in the desert but love places that are greener.

We have three kids who we love more than life itself. They make life fun and an even bigger adventure! People always said that kids would tie us down, and to some extend, having children DO ground you a little bit. BUT, we have found that the opposite has happened. Life truly started once these wonderful little humans joined our lives, and while it's not easy to be parents, we love every aspect that they have changed our lives. They make life exciting, fun and seriously exhausting, but we wouldn't change a single thing. We love adventuring with these three.

Jason and I are photographers and have graciously transitioned out of photographing weddings full time. We still plan to do a very small handful every year, but we are no longer desiring to photograph weddings every single weekend. While we loved the wedding industry, there was something deep inside us that desired more. We desired evenings and weekends WITH our kids. We desired to take photos of OUR family, and to make time to actually see them. To be photographers more so on our terms than on the calendar that weddings provided. To travel when we wanted to and not just for work. It wasn't an easy decision; we walked away from photographing 30+ weddings a year, a "stable" income, clients galore, traveling opportunities, and we created beautiful images that people around the world love.

What we wanted, was to create a life that we were really passionate about, and that is our family. Starting to pave this new path hasn't been easy, but when our kids cheered to hear that we weren't photographing weddings any longer, we knew we were on the right path. 

Sometimes the path less traveled really is worth it. It's scary as all get out, but as soon as we stepped into our new normal, we knew it felt right and we knew this is where we were supposed to be.

So we are journeying a new path with our family. Creating adventure in the daily mundane and in the wildest of opportunities too. Taking this opportunity to remind all of you that you CAN pave a new path if you are unhappy where you are. Or even if you're not unhappy, if it doesn't fit for your family anymore, there CAN be a new way. Life is an adventure. Every single day should be treated as that, and we are taking every opportunity to see it as that.