Chris + Brielle | Engaged

Ain't nothin' like a chilly afternoon downtown in Phoenix with a rad couple to make for an awesome day! Chris + Brielle worked it for us and we had an amazing time! We were THRILLED when these two hired us for their upcoming wedding this spring. Chris's sister is Chelsea, who we photographed with her new husband this past fall. So to get the chance to hang out with these two plus all their family all over again? YES PLEASE. We're livin' the dream you guys. It rocks.

So we can't wait! Chris + Brielle are a super incredible couple with hearts as big as they come. They love people, family, each other (obviously) and we are honored to have been chosen to be the ones to capture their big day. Stay tuned for that, because it's gonna be legit, but for today check them out in their downtown engagement session!