Mason + Chloe | Engaged

To say we are happy for these two, would be a massive understatement. They are tying the knot this summer and we are thrilled, honored, overjoyed and a host of other emotions that WE get to be the ones to photograph their wedding day!

The day we photographed them for their engagement session was such a pretty day. We started at El Chorro, exploring those grounds, chatting, getting to hear their story of how they met again. After awhile, we headed out into the desert to capture the sunset. The night ended with some amazing Mexican food, and I'm not sure what night doesn't end well with amazing Mexican food! The truth is, these two love each other a lot. They're excited to spend the rest of their lives together and we have been privileged to know them and their families for a few years now. 

What a celebration it will be!

Check them out! Mason + Chloe are on the blog this afternoon, and we couldn't be happier about it!

To see Mason + Chloe's full engagement session, click HERE for their gallery.