When I'm about to head out for the evening, I NEVER go without this product on my lips. Seriously, it's sort of like an addiction that I can't cut, Nor do I want to.

I mean, why would you? 

Powerlips hit the market last August and changed the landscape of how lipstick is worn! Not only is it good for your lips, but it lasts for hours. Truly, HOURS. No reapplying, no gloss to keep it not, no burning sensation, no fading, no bleeding, no feathering.

Ain't nobody got TIME.

I use Powerlips daily now, as it's my go to for any occasion. The array of colors are beautiful AND there are MORE to come in the coming months! I have yet to see any of these colors that aren't good on every single person who tries it, and everyone who's tried it, loves them. 

They don't dry out your lips, they have good ingredients like Vitamin E, beeswax, avocado oil- to name a few. It's long lasting, and bonus? It's a THIRD of the price of competitors. Check it out for yourself! 

You can't go wrong here. If you're looking for a new lip shade for your next adventure, give a Powerlips a try! If you spend $49 or more, you'll get free shipping. So stock up- the colors are SO fun to mix and match and you'll want options.

You can purchase all of the Powerlips HERE. Want to try one for FREE? Message me and I'll hook you up with the exchange of a quick favor.

*I'm wearing Ruler in the photo above, my FAV.*