In Africa, We Wait

We went to South Africa last March.

I can't even believe that I am still able to type that. It seems surreal that we went, as we have talked about visiting another country our ENTIRE married life. We never had the money, the time, the knowledge. But this last March, we earned an all expenses paid trip with the company that we have partnered with and it was seriously incredible.

Expect lots of stories and photos in the coming months.

While we were there, we went on four different safaris, we rode elephants, and we did a safari on quads. We will never know exactly when we will be back in South Africa, so we wanted to make sure to maximize our time there if we could. 

And BOY did we.

One of the morning safaris, we had a guide who had been a guide there for about eight years. He had studied the animals, spent a lot of time on the land and grew up in South Africa. He took us ALL over that desert and we saw all kinds of animals. It was truly amazing, especially since the animals were all out and active in the morning. 

At about 7:30 am, he raced over to a spot nearby the watering hole. He knew that the elephants come down this certain path EVERY single day around this time in the morning and he knew we would get an amazing view of them walking right along the path in front of us to get water. The only challenge, he told us, is that they're wild animals. So even though they do this every single day, it's not a guarentee. But he knew that if we were just patient enough, it would happen. He parked along the side of the road, turned off the jeep engine and we sat in silence. South African safari silence.

"In Africa, we wait.", he said.

I will never forget it. And we did wait. We sat and listened to the bugs waking up. We whispered to one another. We snapped photos of the scenery. We waited. Everything is slower there, he was right. But what he knew, was that if we waited- truly WAITED- it would be very, very worth it.

Before we knew it, we could hear the elephants coming. And what happened next was truly one of the most magical things I have ever witnessed. 


The entire herd of elephants, three little ones included, slowly walked together through the brush, down the path and directly in front of us. One step at a time, quietly in step with one another, for their morning drink. They crossed the road and we sat and watched them bathe, roll in the water, drink, spray each other and it was remarkable.


It's amazing what can happen during our waiting. It's incredible what can come OF our waiting. It's not easy to wait. In other parts of the world, they know how to do it. It's part of their daily life. But where we live? It's hard to wait. But when we do, when we truly sit in waiting with the Lord, looking at everything He's placed before us in anticipation of what's to come with our eyes open and ready, we won't miss it. 

He longs to bless us with so much and we can miss it in a hurry. When we wait, we are slowing down and resting our spirit on what God's plan is for us that day.

I will never forget him saying, "In Africa, we wait."

It wasn't an option in that moment. We were fully at his mercy to wait. We could have thrown a fit or gotten mad. We could have questioned him or shaken our fists. But he knew what he was doing and he knew it would be worth it.

The wait may not always seem like it's going to be worth it. But it always is. It ALWAYS IS. When we wait on the Lord, even in the small stuff, you never know what He might bring down your path. And if you're in a hurry, you're going to miss it.

Don't miss it.

Wait on him. Wait for the miracle. Expect the extraordinary in your waiting. Listen for him. watch for him and quiet your heart. 

"In Africa, we wait."

As we wait on the Lord, be encouraged. He sees your miracle coming. All you need to do is be still.

Travel Bug

We spent last summer traveling. All kinds of traveling. Road trips, air trips, day trips, across the country trips, trips to Trader Joe's.

Man, you could get lost in a Trader Joe's.

But we spent the summer of 2017 seeing some pretty amazing parts of the country. And while we both have only left the country once (more on that soon!), we always have a huge desire to travel the US. Last summer we spent time in Utah, California, Seattle, Boston, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and small towns in Northern Arizona. It was an incredible summer.

What an amazing country we have, amiright? It's diverse, beautiful and there is so much to do here.

We spend our days and nights working right now, so hopefully we can travel the country and the globe however we would like. Our itch to take our kids on trips around the country and the world is strong. To take a year off and travel the world, photographing it all and educating our kids during the journey would be the dream.

This summer looks a little bit different, but we are still exploring many parts of Arizona and planning amazing things to do this summer. Camping is a great way to save some money and to still "get away". And although I wouldn't camp in the desert right now, personally, taking a camper up north would absolutely be something we'd consider doing.

But only in a camper because mama doesn't camp in a tent, just saying.

Where is it that you dream about traveling to? Do you have any epic plans this summer? Comment below and let us hear it! We are always looking for new places to visit and explore!


**This amazing camper belongs to a really good friend of ours. If you're interested in the rental rates, please contact us at and we'll connect you with the owner.