We spent a weekend away for our oldest son, Cruz's, FIFTH birthday the other week. Jason snapped this photo in the wee hours of the morning of both of our boys while up there, and it's still taking my breath away. It was EARLY. We had all bundled together in the loft under blankets while a little space heater kept us all toasty. The boys were fascinated with the little window in the loft, where they could see the tops of the trees. With the sun barely shining through the already cloudy morning, Cruz said: "Look daddy. I can see all the trees blowing!"

With awe and wonder, we all watched the trees sway back and forth. What a moment. One I'll never forget.

Our family is everything to us. These little moments are cherished, beyond special, and more than we could ever ask for.

May YOUR December be filled with awe and wonder too.


Family cabin retreat in Pinetop