Addie Noland | Hospital Session

Do you have people in your life that are as important to you as family? People who FEEL like family? Friends who you've done life so closely with that the thought of anything happening to any of them just makes you want to curl into a fetal position and not ever get up?


This whole family is so incredibly special to us. Mandi was our nanny for almost four years and I don't know about you, but when someone else takes care of and helps mother your own children for so long, they SHOULD become like family. We were forever grateful to have Mandi in our home with her kids for so many years like we did. If you know Mandi at all, you know we struck gold there. 

Then we lost her when she decided to leave with the anticipation and hope of getting pregnant with another baby. We were sad (like I cried for days) at the thought of losing her in our home day in and day out, but I knew she was following the Lord's leading on her life.

And praise God she did! She DID get pregnant after a long hard year of trying and this sweet gift was born into the world just a couple short weeks ago! And while we miss Mandi in our home all of the time, it's been an incredible journey to watch her and David trust the Lord with their family. Even when no one else understood. Even when others were harsh with their words or intentions. Even when it just seemed plain hard or impossible. It was our honor to stand by them and watch them follow the Lord! What an amazing year it's been for them!

Addie was born into the greatest family. Two adoring sisters, a mom and dad that will follow Jesus no matter what, aunts and uncles abounding, cousins galore, fantastic grandparents. This little girl is so lucky, so blessed and OMG so beautiful. It was my privilege to arrive at the hospital only a couple hours after she arrived for her hospital session. Her room was hectic and people were everywhere. But this little one slept like a dream the entire time. 

We love the Noland's. Mandi is one of my best friends and I'm so thankful for all that God has taught ME through her story this year. Addie is a reminder of God's faithfulness, I think. God is faithful to give us our dreams in his timing and in his ways. 

All we need to do is trust him, listen, and step out in faith.