Aaron + Jocelynn | A Wedding Story

One of our very favorite things to do on a wedding day is to steal the bride and groom away during the reception celebration for a few simple moments to make some photographs of them. Just together. Usually it's underneath some nearby glowing light of some sort. Or even just beneath the soft shimmer of the moon. But they are the most peaceful, intimate, raw moments of the day. A minute or two for them to breath out. And be embraced and wrapped up tight with each other.

Finally married. Usually exhausted but bursting with joy. These are the pages of the storylines that we long to share and to tell and to dream that our couples will one day share with their kids and their grandkids.

Dancing slowly under the lights. Whispering softly.

This is the part where we smile really, really big.

Aaron + Jocelynn.


HUGE and special thanks to our friend Keira of Keira Grace Photography for helping out on this one in place of Jess.