Aly | Seniors.

We saw the snow and the clouds and the cold coming from 100 miles away. But we had a vision set into our hearts and minds eye and quite frankly, the weather was going to have to give us it's worst for us to turn around. Come to find out, snowstorms and frigid temps were no match to keep Aly from blowing up our cameras in all the right ways. We love Aly. We love Aly a lot. She's got this often soft, gentle demeanor about her that tricks you a bit once you discover what a tremendous natural leader she is. Aly leads worship with us at HSM, the high school ministry at our church, and she's done such an amazing job in that capacity. We're so pumped to see where that gifting takes her in the next few years.

She is hands down a favorite face to our two boys. The totally light up when they see her. And Aly has this super hilarious sarcastic humor which she lets fly with us all the time.

Plus, she's a knockout. I mean, just look. She made this day easy.

We road tripped up into the mountains to historic downtown Flagstaff with Aly for a concept shoot that told a little bit of her story. We even had the help of our dear friend Alex Evjen of AVE Styles who put together these rad, beautiful outfits for her. The snow ended up putting the skids on some of our ideas for the storyline, but Aly was so awesome about it. We changed some things around a bit on the spot and she still made it amazing. Topped off with some fabulous Mexican fare for dinner and it was day to remember.

We've had the chance to become close with Aly over the past year or so and we know that this girl is the real deal. She's passionate, brilliant, and driven. All very good things to be as she heads off in this new part of her sure to be rad adventure!

A day in the snow with Aly...