Andrew + Tara | A Wedding Story

The say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Who are THEY anyways? And what about a torrential downpour? 

It was projected to rain in Pinetop, AZ every single day we were there. It would sort of roll in mid day, rain a little, and then roll out. No big deal. So we all thought for sure that it would do the same on this day! The sky didn't look too bad, we all watched our weather apps, and hoped for no rain at all or maybe even just a little sprinkle. 

Unfortuantely, right after we were done with family formals, the clouds rolled in so thick that we knew for sure it was going to rain. We just didn't know how much. Once it started, there was no holding back. It rained, and rained and rained. It flooded the ceremony site. It drenched all the tables, decor and flooded the ceremony site! As soon as it let up, we all looked to Andrew + Tara to see what they wanted to do.

"I really want to get married TODAY in the spot we chose.", said Tara. 

Everyone else agreed! No one wanted to let a little rain ruin the celebration. So everyone teamed together, moved chairs, laid down tarps and wooden planks to keep Tara out of the mud, and the ceremony moved forward!

In the end, the rain DID let up eventually. These two tied the knot in a slightly windy, but gorgeous ceremony. And above all, it was just about THEM. It was about their wedding day, getting married, and being with their friends and family. It was an awesome celebration. We are thrilled the rain stopped long enough for them to get married and to eat and drink with their guests. 

Check out the day! 

Congrats Andrew + Tara! It was an incredible day; one we won't forget for a long time!!

Wedding Day Vendor Line Up

Venue- Lazy Oaks
Cake- Abbie Cake Co
Wedding Planner- Classic Events
Hair/Makeup- Clarity Hair
Dress- David's Bridal
Shoes-Shoes of Prey
Rings-Brilliant Earth
Catering- Grumpy Jakes
DJ- David Hoyt