Carris + Hannah | Seniors

These two gorgeous twins blew our socks off the other day on a snowy adventure high atop a mountain and deep within the trees. We had no idea the beauty that we would experience, both with Carris & Hannah and with our surroundings. We had a vision for a long time to take the right people and explore the mountains near Flagstaff, AZ for a forest of aspen trees and use them for a project. Carris and Hannah turned out to be the perfect pair to explore with us and make some incredible images for their senior year of high school.

We had to drive far, but it was nothing great music, storytelling, and laughter couldn't help in making the car ride memorable. These two girls are the cats pajamas you guys. We adore them. And would drive clear across the country if it meant getting to hang out for that long again with them. They are incredibly encouraging and show the most immense love for our family as well.

So it was just like hanging out with great friends that evening as we stumbled through the deep, deep snow and smiled joyfully at the spectacle of creation and nature that we were surrounded by.

Not to mention the fantastic company. :)

Love these two. Carris & Hannah.