Chris + Tina | Engaged

LOVE IS IN THE AIR. We are ecstatic about it because that means that wedding season is right around the corner for us! And all the couples that we have been walking alongside during the fall, finally get to tie the knot soon! THAT INCLUDES THESE GUYS. Chris + Tina spent an afternoon and evening with us a couple of weeks ago for their engagement session. Even in light of Chris's hectic travel and work schedule, we were able to sneak in a few hours to hang with them and do a full session. These two are AMAZING. We heard all the wedding details, have been pumped up about meeting all of their friends and family, AND were left inspired with how incredible they are together as a couple. We couldn't have asked for a better evening out.

And the hot preztels with fondue cheese dipping sauce from Culinary Dropout were the icing on the cake. (For reals, HAVE YOU HAD THOSE? Go right now. You'll thank us later, I promise.)

All this to say, these two are the bees knees. They are getting married in LESS than TWO WEEKS and we can't wait to document their day, meet all of their friends and family, and celebrate with them.

Chris + Tina, we love you guys! See you soon!