Dana + Allie | A Wedding Story

Meant to be. Made for each other. Two peas in a pod. Soulmates. 

Whatever you want to call it, these two are IT. Every once in awhile we have couples where the spark between them is so electric, you can just tell that this is the real deal. That they are going to be together forever. That they're going to make it. 

And everyone else can see it to.

Dana + Allie have that something special that most people will wish and pray for. And what's better? They believe in Jesus and have entrusted their entire foundation of their relationship and marriage on Him. Who can stop them? No one. With God as their center, these two are destined to do amazing things together. We love them, and can't wait to watch their lives unfold. It's going to be inspiring.

God speed you two. We're here for you forever. We hope you cherish these photos always. 

Wedding Vendor Line Up

Venue: The Boojum Tree