David + Mandi | Anniversary

We spent an entire afternoon and evening up north with David + Mandi, celebrating SIX years of marriage with them. This was a very special anniversary, as all anniversaries should be. But this one for very different reason. You see, earlier this year David + Mandi received the news that everyone dreads to get. Cancer. David has cancer. I remember crying with and hugging Mandi in our living room, praying over her, and helping to encourage her to be strong for David.

And boy did she ever.

David overcame the cancer! And this year, they are CELEBRATING that they have LIFE together here on this earth still. TOGETHER. When Mandi told me that she wanted to get back into her wedding dress and to share a special anniversary shoot with David to celebrate all they have conquered together this year, Jason and I were IN.

So we headed up north and spent a romantic summer evening with these two photographing them back in their wedding attire. It was the perfect way to celebrate their life together here and now. This couple is nothing short of amazing. They have become FAMILY to us, and they deserve an entire lifetime of happiness together.

David + Mandi- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. We love you guys SO much and were honored to photograph you both for such a special celebration!