Gavin + Shelby | A Wedding Story

ANY chance that we get to travel for our work, we jump on it if we can! So when my cousin Shelby asked us if we would be willing to come out to Georgia again to photograph her wedding, it was a no brainer! We LOVED being there for Bence + Sharayah's wedding last year. And this trip was no different! We flew out there for Thanksgiving, as their wedding date was for the weekend right after the holiday. It was an awesome way to spend a bunch of time with family whom we hardly see, get a little vacation with our boys, AND document their day and work doing something that we love. We love Gavin + Shelby. Their wedding weekend was beautiful. They were surrounded by people who love them, support them, and who are behind them 100% as they step into their journey of marriage together. We couldn't have asked for anything better, than for awesome couples like these two. We want to go back to Georgia every year. We love it there and we really love the community that my family is a part of over there.

Check out Gavin + Shelby's special day. And may you be as blessed by them as we are! 

Gavin and Shelby Atlanta wedding bridal party