Jason + Jessi | Engaged

Friends who are up for adventure, are our kind of friends! When Jason + Jessi said they were wiling to day trip up to Pine top for our engagement session where we were staying for almost two weeks, we were THRILLED. They just jumped in the car, made a day of it, and were ready for adventure!

We drove all over the place. It poured rain. It thundered. It lightning-ed- is that a word? It STORMED. We adventured. And it was the BEST time ever!

These two are getting married later this year and we are so elated to be photographing their incredible day they are planning. These two are the real deal. Their story is the best and they are made for one another. It's no doubt that God's hand has been in their relationship and guiding them every step of the way.

Check these two out! All stormy and everything!