Javier + Beatrice | A Wedding Story

On quite possibly one of the windiest days we've ever shot a wedding on, our new friends Javier & Beatrice were married. We had been anxiously waiting for their wedding day for quite some time, mainly because we knew that it would be such an amazing day. And we weren't wrong in the least bit. Javier & Beatrice have been such super rad supporters of us as artists and as friends in general. Each and every time that we've had the privilege to hang out with them it's been stories and laughter and real, genuine conversation. And those stories, that laughter, that genuine adoration of each other showed up BIG time on their wedding day.

That's probably why so, so many people are drawn to these two. And why so many friends and family were there to celebrate with them.

We're so stoked for Javier & Beatrice. And we're just as stoked to share their story with you.

Come and see. Javier & Beatrice. Married.