Jennifer | Seniors.

There are a LOT of things that we could say about who Jennifer is. But nothing can communicate the life that she is when you actually get to meet her in person. This is a girl who has captivated us and stolen our hearts from the day we met her. She is beautiful, stunning, quirky, sarcastic, happy, a good friend, an encourager, FULL OF LIFE. She loves Jesus. She looks for joy in any situation and can turn anything into positive. She uplifts, laughs hard, LOVES CATS, dreams big, and creates art wherever she goes. She's an inspiration.

She's graduating from high school this May and we are so excited to see where she heads off to in this life. What's cool about this girl? Aside from everything I just told you? We're pretty sure she'll be a part of our lives for a LONG time. We've created deep friendships with her and love her so much. She's a rad girl with a big ol' huge bright future ahead of her.

Ladies and gentleman.... Jennifer is on the blog. Check out this creative spirit from a day we spent together in Jerome. A rainy, dreary day still made bright by this one.