Jessica + Madelyn | Lifestyle

This shoot was scheduled for ONE of the many days in Phoenix that it was supposed to rain. There was almost a two week period where everyone was talking about a "torrential downpour" that was supposed to occur, and it never did. At least not in Scottsdale. So the week leading up to it, Jessica and I were on email planning, and planning, and planning. We had a backup plan for our backup plan in case it were to rain. Everyone was saying that it was DEFINITELY going to rain, and neither of us wanted to cancel, so we just kept making backup plans.

But then, you guessed it- IT DIDN'T RAIN. Darn you Arizona! *shakes fist violently to the sky*

BUT, rain or no rain, I really think this shoot would have been perfect. And it was. Jessica wanted to do a 'mommy-daughter shoot' with her cutie, Madelyn. We were so excited to make the shoot girly, adventurous, and a lot of fun! It was amazing just focusing on the two of them for the afternoon, playing with makeup, ice-cream and in fountains that we found throughout downtown Scottsdale. I (Jessica) can't wait for our little girl to get here so I can do things like this too!

It was a simply perfect afternoon. We are glad it didn't rain, but it would have been magical regardless. Check out the cuteness that is this Lifestyle Session.

Jessica and her adorable daughter, Madelyn...