Jonathan + Megan | A Wedding Story

The entire week before Jonathan + Megan's wedding, there were rumors of a so-called "torrential downpour" that was supposed to happen the day before AND the day OF their wedding. Jason and I reluctantly listened to the rumors, mostly dismissing them. IT'S PHOENIX. There's no such thing as 'downpour' here! It usually rains for 20 minutes and is cloudy the rest of the day, AT BEST, and that only happens a handful of times each year as it is!

So when we were driving down to Tucson the night before the wedding in the POURING RAIN we were shocked. It had been pouring ALL day and wasn't supposed to let up until after the weekend. We were hoping for the wedding's sake that we'd wake up to no rain and birds chirping. So when we woke up to a continued, steady stream of rain, we were even MORE surprised that Phoenix had chosen THIS wedding to unleash the rain.

But the day was perfect. Rain or not, Megan was a beaming bride who couldn't wait to walk down the aisle to see her hubby-to-be. The whole house was a buzz with friends and family who all were just as excited as she. Jason and I have grown very quickly to LOVE this family, which isn't hard to do. You meet them and instantly feel like one of the bunch. Photographing them is effortless and a pure joy.

Right as Megan was set to walk down the aisle, something amazing happened. The rain STOPPED, the clouds parted and the sun came out! They tied the knot inside a gorgeous church with a view of the mountains that we could all view perfectly with the cloud cover gone. We were able to do all of their photos outside and enjoy the rest of the day without one single thought to the weather!

But you know what? It wouldn't have mattered if it HAD rained all day. Jonathan + Megan are perfect together. It's obvious they were ready and so excited to start their lives together, and we have been so grateful to have been blessed with such awesome clients and new friends.

Jonathan + Megan, we love you guys endlessly. We are so blessed that you didn't let a little rain snuff out the joy of the day! You two are amazing and we can't wait to visit you in San Diego sometime soon.

Check them out guys. You'll love them too...