Jordan + Paige | A Wedding Story

Shiny, gorgeous wedding day details will never, ever trump people who are just out of this world amazing. There's an intangible spirit and joy about the day when two people who are crazy about each other value marriage, family, and friends above anything else. On this day, not only were the things that Paige & Jordan used to detail their wedding with beautiful and perfectly fitting for them, their adoration and joy over each other was totally irresistible.

From the tear-filled minutes of them seeing each other for the very first time. To the moment Jordan saw Paige float down the aisle, His soon-to-be wife. I don't think we've ever seen two people on their wedding day more overjoyed to be married to each other.

They laughed and cried their hearts out. And it was oh so good. And right.

We will always hold the banner high that these stories are about people. Not a day. Not an event. Not pretty things. Not anything other than people declaring their love for each other. And sharing adventures and moments that we wish to capture and hold treasure for them for generations to come.

We're so unabashedly excited for these two. Together they will do wonders.

Big thanks to our good friend Field Denny from Ace & Whim for shooting alongside me (Jay) to fully tell this story.

Jordan + Paige. Married.

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