Jordan + Paige | Engaged

Spending time with Jordan + Paige is like breathing fresh air. We spent an afternoon traveling with them up north for their engagement session, and I think we literally laughed the entire way up the mountain! These two are incredible. They love to laugh, are crazy about one another, and aren't afraid to be goofy together. Needless to say, we had the best. time. ever. Check out these images from their shoot- a lovely day and evening spent up north with what felt like old friends. We can't wait for their wedding this March! J + P-1 J + P-2 J + P-3 J + P-4 J + P-5 J + P-6 J + P-7 J + P-8 J + P-9 J + P-10 J + P-11 J + P-12 J + P-13 J + P-14 J + P-15 J + P-16 J + P-17 J + P-18 J + P-19 J + P-20 J + P-21 J + P-22 J + P-23 J + P-24 J + P-25 J + P-26 J + P-27 J + P-28 J + P-29 J + P-30 J + P-31 J + P-32 J + P-33 J + P-34 J + P-35 J + P-36 Session Nine Photographers, Engaged, Payson, AZ

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