Julia | Seniors

Brightest soul EVER. Julia's only requirement for this shoot, was that it would exude HAPPINESS. Through email, I caught a glimpse of her spirit. But when we met over Skype, her personality and bubbly self LEAPED OFF THE SCREEN. It was so obvious to us what this girl is all about! She loves God. She cherishes happiness, beauty, LAUGHING, singing, dancing, silliness and any other happy thing you could possibly imagine. We decided on a downtown Phoenix, urban, fun outfit wearing, confetti throwing kind of photo shoot for her.

And. She. Rocked. It.

Check it out. If you don't know Julia, you're truly missing out! She's a light, someone who lifts spirits, has fun in all situations and loves to smile! It's people like this that we meet doing this job that make us want to pinch ourselves, seriously. Our job is so incredible. I could ramble on about that forever! So instead...

We give you Julia. A special soul who could light up any dark spot. And we love that about her.

To view all the photos from our session with Julia or to order prints, please check out the full gallery, HERE.