Love Is The Killer App | Personal

I don't know about you, but I sure do love to read. Any bookworms out there, can I get an AMEN? BUT. I MUST CONFESS. I have seriously slacked BIG time in the reading arena. I (Jess) have been in a book club for 8+ years with the same 3 lovely ladies. We have read so many books together and it's been amazing. Then I started having kiddos and running my own business and reading was the first thing to GO. I seriously haven't had the time to read in the ways that I love to.

Well, Jay has been bugging me for some time to read THIS book:

So I finally picked it up and am giving it a whirl. And you know what? I sorta can't put it down. It's called Love Is The Killer App by Tim Sanders. It's FULL of amazing information for ANYONE who owns their own business or who wants to. Last night as I was reading, it struck me really hard, this whole section about reading. And how reading is IMPERATIVE for anyone who wants to succeed in their skill, their craft, their art. Anything. The more I read, the more I realized that this is exactly what is missing as a part of my LIFE. Getting my hands on any and all reading that will help encourage and give me more knowledge in my expertise. (And including more of my book club books too, don't worry girls.)

After a lengthy and encouraging conversation that Jason and I had, we decided that together we are going to encourage each other to READ more. Jason is going to be reading books that focus on three different topics: Business, leadership, and worship. I am going to be reading books that focus on business, leadership, motherhood, and design.

All of which we will be applying to our business as photographers.

So pick up Love Is The Killer App and start to read with me! It's applicable no matter what your focus is in life. And check back for updates. I'm going to start sharing what I've learned. Big, small, important or not. I'm open to discussing it however it may impact me.

Do you have any book suggestions for US? If you're a business owner we'd love to know what types of books YOU read. We'd love to add it to our lists.