Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Whoa it's a week away! Is this season flying by or WHAT? I mean wowzers.

This year we decided to forgo the mailing of the Christmas card that we do every year. Or er- that we purchase every year and never mail out. TRUE STORY GUYS. I (Jess) am the worst at mailing those suckers out! So we thought why hassle with it at all? We are keeping it all digital this year with what would have been our Christmas card if we mailed them. Plus, it's allowing us to focus on other things instead of addressing, licking and stamping a million envelopes. So print this bad boy if you would like it for your holiday card wall and it's a win win for us all!

In all seriousness, we have been so blessed and so grateful for this past year. Not gonna lie. It's kinda been hard. I am almost eight months pregnant and running a business full time, running a household full time AND being in ministry with your husband WHILE PREGNANT for most of the year isn't easy. Nevertheless, we are SO excited for this baby girl who will arrive in February 2014! We are beyond blessed to have our kiddos, who we've dreamed about our entire lives. We love that we get to work together full time, doing what we love, meeting and photographing rad people like many of you! It's been a good year, full of some challenges which have thrusted us forward into planning for and changing the way we are doing a few things!


We hope that this year has been good to you too. And that 2014 will be even better! And if it's not, we pray now that we will always keep perspective of what is important to us. God, friends, family, and making people smile.

MERRY CHRISTMAS. May this season be full of joy, awe and wonder!

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