Michael + Kjerstin | A Wedding Story

Just the day before Michael & Kjerstin's wedding, a spring rain storm had absolutely drenched the land. With water, mud, and wind everywhere already, the skies seemed to be preparing for more that morning. But then the clouds just dispersed. Like the most beautiful and tangible metaphor, the fresh and clear skies to this new covenant of two people loving and serving and journeying together for life. During the past year, we have become great friends with Michael & Kjerstin, so it was a gift to us to be able to document their wedding for them. And it was truly a special day. There were no seats. No brides side, grooms side. Every single guest gathered and circled around Michael and Kjerstin as they recited their vows to each other.

Michael even wrote the song that he and Kjerstin danced to for the first time as husband and wife. And you can see him softly singing over her in the images below. What's fitting and quite amazing about the whole song and day intertwined is that his song to her is a song of comfort and trust. That even though Kjerstin may have once been lonely or crushed or defeated or broken-hearted, today would be a turning point into warmth, love, and restoration. Just as this was true about God's power and love for them. Just as it was true about the storm raging the day before and the warm sun breaking through the day of.

You can't make this stuff up kids. It's all part of our story inside of a grander Story.

We're so glad to have been a part of this particular story. Huge, huge thanks to our dear friend Mike Olbinski who stepped in and shot some incredible imagery alongside me (Jason) as Jess has been on maternity leave.

Married. Michael & Kjerstin.

“KJERSTIN’S SONG” – © Michael Bryce Jr. 2014
Holding you close to my side Quietly saying you're mine I'll remind you that you'll never ever be lonely again 
Wrapped in the warmth of my arms Safe and removed from all harm First on my mind every morning for the rest of your life
You can trust me, yes you can trust me I'll call you baby Just wait and you'll see
Let's search the depths of our hearts Getting to know every part Exposing the places we've hidden away for so long
There's nothing we can't get through After all we're already made new I'll stick with you if you can hold on to me too
Cause you can trust me, yes you can trust me I'll call you baby Just wait and you'll see 
Positively, you'll have all you need ‘Cuz you can trust me You can trust me You can trust me
Even when love isn't near And hope's become crippled by fear Just remember the promise we made - To love on the hardest of days To trust that the lights on it's way To know there's a God who can save He can save