Mike + Carmen | Married

When we had our first meeting with Mike & Carmen, we knew from the get-go that we really wanted to document their day and get to know them deeper. Both artistic in their own right and lovers of great culture, originality, and detail, they were so genuine and totally rad to hang out with. We just fell in love with them as people.

Their wedding day was to be a huge celebration of cultures, family and friends, and ultimately this head over heels love that Mike & Carmen felt for each other.

And friends, it was nothing short of that at all.

Truth is, when Mike & Carmen were announced into their reception celebration, we both were nearly in tears because of the overwhelming joy and spirit in the air. Everyone rallied into a circle around them in the center of the room as they all laughed and danced to traditional Syrian music. And Mike & Carmen swayed and bounced and laughed and fell into each others arms.

We both turned to each other with huge smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes because we knew, deep down, that this, this celebration of love and life, was how it really always should be.

This moment we were privileged to share in is why we love what we do.

Come and see their story. Mike & Carmen. Married.