Nate + Alex | A Wedding Story

Nate waited patiently and calmly at the end of a long tunnel. His soon to be bride floated around the edge of the nearby lake as she approached him from behind. As she neared his reach, she gently extended her hand to let Nate know she was there. He quickly turned around.

And thus started the day that changed both of their lives for the better forever.

We knew from the first time that we met them that we would have a magical day to document on the day of Nate & Alex's wedding. Although, we underestimated just how much love we would be shown by both of their entire families. Or just how crazy rad of a celebration that would be thrown that night in honor of these two.

Truth is. They deserved it. Nate & Alex have been so gracious to us and everyone the whole time we've known them. And we made some fantastic new friendships with them as we journeyed towards their wedding day together.

Here's to a day that will be hard to forget. Nate + Alex. Married.