Ryan + Valerie | Married

Their story was over four years in the making. Including being literally worlds apart for over a year and a half. But on a wonderful day in May, all the waiting, and praying, and hoping, and preparing came rushing to a head in the form of a covenant and the sweetest kiss yet. Ryan & Valerie's relationship together began rooting itself in their hearts while away in the foreign land of Grenada, where they were both serving the Grenadian peoples in construction and ministry missions work. It also endured a space and season where Valerie lived on the other side of the world in Indonesia for a year and a half.

Their journey has been around the world and back. It has been tested and seasoned with times in each others arms and apart. And it was all for the better. It made this day, their day, so much more genuine and ripe with emotion.

They had endured much.

But just as two threads woven together tightly are stronger than a single string, so are the best days yet to come for the story of Ryan & Valerie. Their hearts are wide open now, confidently awaiting the next fantastic chapter and page that God would take them on.

Only this time. They go hand in hand, together.