Sawyer + Sarah | A Wedding Story

When we met these two back in the middle of last year, they told us that they were both currently in their Senior year of college and set to graduate in May. And that their wedding was to be three weeks BEFORE graduation. Wowzers! We knew that these two would have one heck of a last semester to get through and both full of major life changes! Not to mention, they are both starting grad school in Colorado so they had to prepare for a big move as well. Getting married, graduating AND moving states? That's a lot.

We watched these two walk through each transition with such grace. I'm sure it wasn't always easy. It was probably stressful a good majority of the time. But once we met all their friends and family, it was easy to understand how it all got accomplished with such amazing people surrounding these two. And they did it! Married, graduated, already moved and settling in. What a journey these two high school sweethearts have had.

Sawyer + Sarah, you've made it! And now you get to relive the most amazing day that was your wedding. Congrats you guys! The best is yet to come!

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