Summer Is Over.

We do everything with a purpose around here. Or at least we try. Most things are well thought out, executed carefully, and have a purpose. Obviously, we have three kids and a crazy busy life so this isn't ALWAYS the case, but we try. So it is with great intent and purpose that we slow down a little bit each summer. It is with great intent and purpose that we don't overfill our calendar every year. And it is with careful thought that we choose and decide which weddings we would like to shoot each year. We have a limited amount of spots because it is the deep desire of our hearts to put our family first AND to create amazing art. And creating the space to breath, be refreshed, and to allow ourselves to love what we do is completely necessary. When we work, we schedule one thing a day so we can focus, be present with our clients, and truly allow ourselves to enjoy every minute. The truth is, ARE very, very busy. Even with certain boundaries we've put in place, our calendar is STILL crazy. We've found it incredibly helpful to know our limits and not to get close to reaching them. We want to be artists with our cameras for a long, long time. Burning out is inevitable if you're constantly running, running, running. And we love what we do and are in this for the long haul.

So every summer, we take the opportunity to slow down. We take time off. We travel. We photograph things that inspire us and for no other purpose. We stop posting on Facebook too much. We go to bed early. We let the emails pile up a tad longer than normal. We drive up north with our kids for no reason. We swim all day, eat dinner late and watch movies until 1:00am.

It is with purpose.

Our fall season starts TOMORROW. Our couple, Cale + Ali, are getting married tomorrow and it is a long awaited wedding that we are BEYOND EXCITED for. We love them, and we know they will be dear friends of ours for a long time. And what's better? We feel refreshed, ready and clear minded as we approach their big day. We aren't burnt out, too exhausted, or frazzled as we begin this fall. And that's exactly why we do summer the way we do.

Our family is our first priority. Creating brilliant art is a massive priority too. Taking time to take care of both, allows us to be artists and not just photographers running from meeting to meeting to shoot to shoot. And we are beyond grateful that we have the space, ability and freedom to create that in our lives.

So tomorrow, we begin our fall season! It's with much anticipation that we get to photograph ALL the weddings we have lined up for this fall! And we have Lifestyle and Senior Sessions lined up too. We're ready to work hard, so thankful for the break, and ready to kick some ass.

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