Salim + Lara | Engaged

Salim + Lara. *sigh* They are awesome.

We fell in love with them instantly. One of those IT couples who just seem to have IT, even though you can't exactly pinpoint what IT is. They are adorable on every single level, we were swooning at the story of how they met (inside Changing Hands bookstore), where they got engaged (inside the same bookstore) and their future plans for their wedding. It was fitting that we do the beginning portion of their engagement session in the same spot where it all began!


Check them out. We started at Changing Hands bookstore, roamed Downtown Phoenix, and got lost in the desrt with the perfect cloudy day sunset. We can't wait to watch them say I Do! These two were a blast to grab dinner with afterwards and we love their love for life. They are a complete perfect match and we are honored to be the ones to capture them. 

Salim + Lara. *swoon*