Ryan | Senior Session

Our senior session with Ryan quite possibly couldn't have been more manly. Other than us scaling the summit of some nearby mountain range or Ryan wrestling a grizzly bear into submission. Maybe next time?

Seriously though, Ryan is the nicest dude you'll ever come across. I sort of feel like he's a high school senior transported from the 1940's. From an era of politeness and upstanding values. And where your character was everything.

We had a high desire to showcase who Ryan really is in life. What he loves to do and what inspires him. So Ryan wanted to incorporate his 4WD Toyota, his numerous hunting rifles and bow, and of course his beloved acoustic guitar.

It was the perfect setting for him and we had a ton of fun exploring and pretending to shoot things, haha. Ry is getting set to begin training with the Army Rangers later this year too. He's the real deal ladies and gents.

And now, I'm going to go lift some weights or something to help my ego after writing all of this. :)


Aly | Seniors.

We saw the snow and the clouds and the cold coming from 100 miles away. But we had a vision set into our hearts and minds eye and quite frankly, the weather was going to have to give us it's worst for us to turn around. Come to find out, snowstorms and frigid temps were no match to keep Aly from blowing up our cameras in all the right ways.

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