The Olbinskis | Lifestyle

This is an annual tradition. 

Every year, we sneak away with this amazing family and focus on friendship, changing leaves, laughter, food, drinks, and just slowing life down for a few days. The Olbinski Family is a family that is super dear to our hearts and friends for life at this point. We have found such friendship, support and encouragement in life with these people, there's just no simple way to express how thankful we are to the Lord for allowing us to know them.

Cheesy? Sure. But it's so, so true.

We snapped their family photos while we had the chance. And who wouldn't make the time to snap these photos in this background?? It was breathtakingly beautiful in Flagstaff and our time with them was cherished.

We are looking forward to next year when we can get away with this clan, and we truly hope no matter where life takes us, that we always carve out time to do this.

The Olbinski's...

The Lewis Family | Lifestyle

It's always refreshing to reunite with family's whom you've known for years and years. We've known The Lewis family for seriously over a decade. Since before any of us were married or had kids even! It was a great afternoon of reconnecting with them and seeing (and meeting!) their kiddos. What an amazing family!

Check out The Lewis Family in an afternoon underneath the trees...