Arman + Nicole | Engaged

We'll always love the desert. So unique and beautiful; our Phoenix desert provides the ultimate landscape for photos. When Arman + Nicole said they wanted to take their engagement session to the desolate desert- we were in! 

Mark + Ashley | Engaged

There's nothing better for us than two people in love who are ready to go on adventures with us. Mark + Ashley wandered around the desert with us a few weeks ago and the sunset was spectacular- creating for some pretty great photos with these two. We loved spending time with you guys and can't wait to capture your wedding day!

The Arauz Family | Newborn

We love the Arauz family! Recently Kim and Jose had their third baby, a little boy named Elliot. We've really loved watching their family grow, and they are just about as sweet as families come. We were honored to spend an afternoon photographing them in such a sacred time and space, and never take for granted that people allow us in like they do. It's pretty special.

Be blessed Arauz family! Welcome to the world little one.