The Greens | Lifestyle

If there's any family we're obsessed with, it's The Greens. Wait, is that creepy? I mean check them out! Super fashionable (every single one of them), adorable, up for a good time and oh- probably the most sweetest, generous family you will ever meet! We've photographed them a handful of times and they trust us wholeheartedly EVERY. TIME. And THAT helps us create amazing images with them. Plus, it's a blast for us no matter how long or short amount the time is that we get with them.

They're the best and we'll shout it from the roof tops until the cows come home! (what??)

Seriously though. Check out this Lifestyle Session that we did with this incredible little family in Downtown Chandler a couple weeks ago. Seriously to die for. We love them.

Wait, did I already say that? IT'S CUZ I MEAN IT.

The Greens. The coolest, hippest family you might ever run into....