The Valeros | Lifestyle

  Photographing The Valeros is one of our most favorite things to do. Every single time they land on our calendar, we know that we are in for an amazing time. And then the brain storming begins, along with shared Pinterest boards, many picture texts back and forth, and long discussions while I (Jess) am getting my hair done.

Christine is my hair colorist, who I go to see every 4-6 weeks at Hair Story Salon in Gilbert, AZ. Not only is she a magnificent hair stylist, she is a true artist. This girl takes it to a whole other level, in the best way possible. She is oozing with creativity and lives it out in what she wears, how her home is designed, how she shops, and how she decorates her salon. Every time I leave her salon, I feel like our conversation has inspired each other to head out and create MORE beauty in our own different capacities. She's truly an inspiration and a rockin' friend. You might even remember her family from our Alice In Wonderland inspired shoot. If not, check it out HERE because it's truly one of our favorites to date.

So when she came to us and mentioned wanting to get inside The Orpheum in Downtown Phoenix, we were intrigued immediately. All the way from the spark of the idea, to when the shoot unfolded, we knew we had something MAGICAL. But we don't ever expect less from this electric family. They just bring the creativity and inspiration wherever they go, and we are lucky enough to photograph it. I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Here's the most creative and artistic family we know... The Valeros.