Tom + Meleyna | Engaged

We met Tom + Meleyna a couple months ago for coffee and immediately hit it off. These two are super awesome and a blast to spend time with. So we've been excited for their engagement shoot for a while now! Then, when they asked if they could bring their two kiddos to be a part of the shoot, it was a no brainer for us! We are big family people, love kids, and always welcome our couples kiddos to be apart of such an exciting time in their lives! Plus, look how freaking cute they are!

It was also super important to Tom + Meleyna that we focused on just the two of them for a large portion of the shoot. While they love their kids tremendously, they also wanted to make sure they took time to focus on one another during their engagement shoot. We loved it.

Their wedding is in October and we are anticipating a fantastic, intimate evening with their closest friends and family. It's going to be stunning. For now, check out this amazing couple and their little darlings.

Tom + Meleyna and their sweet little family...