The Merrell Family | Lifestyle

We have known The Merrell Family for a LONG time. We used to do ministry closely side by side with them until we all moved away, started our families and settled in different cities and even states for a time. But we've recently reconnected with them and traveled up north with our kids in tow to spend an afternoon with them. Photographing their family was really amazing. Salt of the earth, this family is genuine and loving all of the time. 

We miss them.

Our kids played together so well and it was awesome catching up with them after this session over seriously yummy tacos, reconnecting, catching up and somehow it all felt like old times as if we never were apart.

We just have a LOT more kids in the mix now. HA.

We love this family. They are a blessing to many and we are thankful for them! Check out their lifestyle session that we did on a chilly afternoon on day ONE of 2016!

The Yerrick Family | Lifestyle

An adorable family with great style, a fabulous location in the middle of nowhere with rad overcast skies, and kids too cute to pinch! This family is the BEST. Spending the afternoon photographing them is a great example of WHY we love our job so much. They make it look easy, because it is with them!

The Yerrick Family is on the blog this afternoon. Cuteness overload, for SURE.

The McCormick Family | Lifestyle

The McCormick family are always a favorite to photograph. We love them something fierce, first of all. We appreciate their friendship and are one of the few families that we truly walk life with. We got to hang with them in the desert for a little bit a couple of weeks ago, and it was such a great afternoon! We wrapped it all up by having dinner together afterwards while ALL our kids played.

It was go great to get them in front of our lenses for a couple of hours together. Check them out! The sweetest family you'll ever meet!

The McCormicks...