Wow, we are so glad that you're here! You've jumped onto our personal blog, a place where we will be sharing about our family, our shop (coming soon!!), and where we plan to give you a behind the scenes look at how we run our business. 

The idea to start a blog for these sorts of things for our lives, has been a long time coming. We wanted to do it right, and the time is now!

I (Jess) have blogged for YEARS. Essentially, a vast majority of our personal lives are divided between a couple blogs I've had over the years. I love writing, sharing, inspiring, and encouraging. And I've sorta set out to do that in the blogging world. My blogs have been amazing places for me to soul search a bit and I found a sense of community there that I will always cherish.

So why are you quitting those blogs then?, you're wondering.

Well, it's just TIME. It's time for us to have one blog under the veil of JAY + JESS and a place where Jay and I can share about our family and other things that make us tick.

We're pretty excited.

If you're interested in getting completely caught up on our lives, you can read my personal blogs here: Journal of a Mom, here: Stellar Day Blog 1 and here: Stellar Day Blog 2

If you're interested in where we blog about our work, you can check out our photography blog HERE. But if your here to get to know us as people, and not just artists, you've come to the right spot. 

We hope you're encouraged, inspired, and leave feeling a little happier than when you came!